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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

In a desperate bid to prevent her boyfriend from leaving, Melinda employs every trick she knows, but as her journey unfolds, she must confront the five stages of grief, learning that she cannot control everything

Written & Produced by: Emogene Shadwick / Directed by Julissa Scopino

Breaking Up is Hard to Do from Carmona Pictures Movie Poster

Director's Statement

The character of Melinda immediately drew me into this project.

She's vibrant, complex, misunderstood, and presumptuous, with an element of vulnerability. For some reason, I kept thinking of "I Love Lucy." The scene when she's pouring whiskey into a measuring cup was designed by me. The writer wanted a regular glass, although I thought the measuring cup played more into the psyche of the character and her exhibited behavior.

This film was a wonderful step in my learning process.

We regret that the high-quality original video of this production is currently inaccessible, as it is in the possession of the producer and writer, who is no longer in the industry. Kindly consider this uploaded version as an insightful glimpse into the talent of a growing director.

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