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Please Don't Feed the Children: A Terrifying Journey into the Depths of Horror

Lights flicker, shadows dance, and fear lurks around every corner as producer Julissa Scopino prepares to embark on a new production venture. After a successful collaboration on Jason Tropiano's directorial debut, Unicorn, Carmona Pictures is thrilled to join Tropiano again for his upcoming horror film, Please Don't Feed the Children. As the production gears up, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a bone-chilling cinematic experience.

Scopino had the privilege of working with Tropiano on Unicorn, which proved to be a successful collaboration and laid the foundation for their new production.

Keeping within the same thematic framework as Tropiano's debut short film, Unicorn, Please Don't Feed the Children also explores the darker aspects of queer culture.

"With this film, I am focusing on the gay subculture of 'daddy and son' relationships, using the lens of horror to explore the couple's complex dynamics." -- Jason Tropiano, Filmmaker

Please Don't Feed the Children tells the tale of an older gay man and his much younger boyfriend who are forced to reassess their relationship when their weekend retreat takes a nightmarish turn.


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