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Founder of Carmona Pictures • Film Scholar • Architect of Stories • Believer of Dreams

Julissa Scopino, M.F.A., is a director-producer who has dedicated her career to creating compelling films that explore universal themes and resonate with audiences worldwide. Born with an innate passion for storytelling, Julissa established her own production company, Carmona Pictures, to bring unique narratives to the forefront of the cinematic landscape.

From an early age, Julissa exhibited a keen eye for visual storytelling and a deep understanding of the human condition. She honed her skills by studying film and theatre at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Hunter College, and then Brooklyn College's Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, where she developed a strong foundation in theory and practical filmmaking aspects. Armed with knowledge fueled by her artistic drive and creative ammunition, Julissa embarked on her journey to bring her vision to life.

With Carmona Pictures, Julissa has created a platform to champion stories that transcend cultural boundaries and explore the essence of what it means to be human. Her productions tackle themes of love, loss, identity, resilience, and the complexities of the human experience. Julissa firmly believes that the power of film lies in its ability to connect people from diverse backgrounds, fostering empathy and understanding.


"The greatest pride in my work is witnessing tangible progress. I see this site as a metric of growth and upward trajectory. My aspiration for Carmona Pictures is to continually evolve as a filmmaker, honing my craft and pushing the boundaries of storytelling with feature films, both through traditional distribution and emerging avenues."  -- Julissa Scopino

 Julissa Scopino on the set of "Chisel" with producer Yuanwei Wang

Julissa Scopino on the set of "Chisel" with producer Yuanwei Wang

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