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More Time

As Thomas deals with a personal crisis he must also mend a strained relationship with his his father. What follows is an important life lesson - that the power of love can heal all wounds.

Directed by Andy Kumpon & Gary Malick / Executive Producer - Julissa Scopino

Official Selections

Guacamole Film Festival 2018
Lift-Off Global Network NY 2019
Christian Family Film Festival

More Time from Carmona Pictures Movie Poster

Producer's Statement

"More Time" is a heartfelt film that explores the power of love, personal growth, and the enduring bonds between family members. When I first encountered the script, I was deeply moved by its emotional resonance and the universal themes it presented. As an executive producer, I saw the immense potential for this story to touch the hearts of audiences and leave a lasting impact.

One of the key reasons I chose to get involved with this project was the authenticity and relatability of its characters and their struggles. The central protagonist, Thomas, represents a person facing a personal crisis, both financial and emotional, while also navigating a strained relationship with his father. The film's exploration of these universal themes struck a chord with me, resonating deeply with my own personal experiences and beliefs. I firmly believe that storytelling has the power to illuminate the human condition, bridging gaps and fostering empathy among diverse audiences.

As a producer, I am committed to supporting projects that have the potential to resonate with audiences on an emotional level while promoting meaningful storytelling. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this beautiful and transformative story.

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