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'3 Man Rule', feature film, goes into development.

The '3 Man Rule' goes from ideation into development. This is Julissa Scopino's first independent feature film with a targeted budget of $175,000.

The film highlights on sexual liberation, female empowerment, body advocacy, false illusions of cosmetic surgery, and much more.

Here is one of our samples for Key Art which encapsulates the essence of the film.

Art created by Ashley Miah aka LeeLee La Cubana.

"My lookbooks are sacred to me. They are my creative sanctuary. A true testament of my love for film. It's the heartbeat of it all. The process goes from my mind to a lookbook way before I share it with anyone. For my thesis film, 'Daughter Replica', my lookbook remained close to me throughout the whole production process. It was a continuous joy of creation that became meditative, like a dear journal." - - Julissa Scopino, Filmmaker

Here is an image hinting at the visual aesthetic from the '3 Man Rule' lookbook.

Carmona Pictures is a New York City-based production company founded by Filmmaker Julissa Scopino. Learn more about Carmona Pictures at


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