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Daughter Replica: A.I. replica designed to take over a sickly girl's human existence enters the Festivals.

In tradition with Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) and Scorsese (The Age of Innocence), the sci-fi film “Daughter Replica” expresses a sentiment to the Victorian Era. It’s a patina of time where the Victorian past intersects with the mystique of an A.I. future.  

"I’m seeker of the distinct and wanted the film to feel outside of time." --- Julissa Scopino, Director

Every shot is classical in aesthetic with an eerie air. 

In the opening shot, the film starts with a feel of an abandoned setting with a conflicted woman filled with emotion & rage. 

The filmmaker's passion for unique locations and ruins always seem to weave their way into the films. By nature, the character of the historical Alder Manor estate has a soft haunting underside that the filmmaker wanted to lean into.

"I really wanted to capture the sense of a first-time A.I. & human experience while maintaining a classical element."  ---Julissa Scopino, Director

Like a ghost, the mood of the robot is hard to gage. 

At the heart of “Daughter Replica” is a mother and daughter story torn by the mother’s grievance in handling her daughter’s withering health. 

This is a story about being replaced.

Carmona Pictures is a New York City-based production company founded by Filmmaker Julissa Scopino. Learn more about Carmona Pictures at


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